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42 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Every Occasion

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Natural Seagrass Basket Eco Friendly Gift Idea
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Get eco-inspired with our list of sustainable gift ideas for every occasion. From organic socks to responsibly-sourced coffee, homewares and fashion, you’ll find the perfect pressie in our compilation of the best eco-friendly gifts made from sustainable, recycled and ethical materials. 

Our gift guide comes in a range of price points, too, so you’ll find something to suit your budget – whatever that might be.

Sustainable Gift Ideas: £10 & Under

A4 Campus Notebook – Typo

Everyone needs a notebook, and this bold, affirming design is pretty brilliant. Even better, the A4 Campus Notebook, £6, is recycled so it makes the perfect sustainable gift idea, too. 

A4 Campus Notebook

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Utility Pencil Case – Typo

Made from recycled polyester, this pencil case is a great eco-friendly gift idea for a pal that’s always borrowing your pens! Large enough for pens, small notebooks and chargers, too – an organisational gem! Utility Pencil Case, £7. 

Utility Pencil Case Sustainable gift idea

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Clothes Doctor Natural Fragrance Bag – Ethical Superstore

Got a friend with a penchant for cashmere and soft wool jumpers? Then this is the eco-friendly gift idea for them! Clothes Doctor Natural Fragrance Bag, £4.50, is filled with a blend of sustainably-sourced French lavender, patchouli, lemongrass and eucalyptus creating a lovely fragrance and moth deterrent!

Clothes Doctor Natural Fragrance Bag

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Eco Apple Feeder – Suttons

Made from recycled plant pots, this Eco Apple Feeder, £8, is a perfect gift for gardeners and bird lovers.

Apple bird feeder

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Booja Booja Champagne Truffles – Ethical Superstore

These luxurious Booja Booja Champagne Truffles, £9.49, have been made with organic champagne. They are 100% organic; gluten, dairy and wheat free, and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians… and one more thing, they are utterly delicious.

Booja Booja Champagne Truffles

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Mallows Beauty Coconut And Vanilla Vegan Candle – Thought

Adorable and sweet smelling, we love the Mallows ‘I Am Happy’ Candle, £10. This is a treat for someone who needs some TLC and positivity – the coconut and vanilla scent is relaxing and sweet, it’s vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free, too.

Mallows Beauty Coconut And Vanilla Vegan Candle

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Foamie Shampoo & Body Bar Travel Case – Oliver Bonas

If you know someone that’s trying to cut down on plastics by using soap and shampoo bars, then this is the perfect gift for them. The Foamie Shampoo & Body Bar Travel Case, £5, is designed to hold a solid shampoo or soap bar, and is made from wheat fibre and recycled plastic. Ideal for short trips or taking to the gym.

Foamie Shampoo & Body Bar Travel Case

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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas: £20 & Under 

Wildlife Letterbox Gift – Suttons

Sustainability and biodiversity go hand in hand, and this wonderful letterbox gift is all about creating wildlife-friendly habitats. The Wildlife Letterbox Gift, £19.99, comprises four floral seed mixes, and a set of pocket-sized ‘gardeners essentials’ including twine, a pressed flower kit and much more.

Sustainable gift idea Wildlife Letterbox Gift

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Four Broadwell Wine Glasses – Garden Trading

Here’s a gift with bags of sustainable style – the Broadwell Wine Glasses, £20 for four. The gorgeous glasses are hand-blown using 100% recycled glass with subtle faceted sides and a low stem. Perfect for bringing an organic touch to any dining table.

Four Broadwell Wine Glasses

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Matisse Blue Cotton String Bag – The Conran Shop

A vibrant and beautiful colour, this reusable Matisse Blue Cotton String Bag, £15, is the perfect eco-friendly gift idea. Made from sustainable materials, it is hand-crafted by traditional artisans using long-established knitting and braiding techniques.

Matisse Blue Cotton String Bag

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Face Halo – Selfridges

The perfect sustainable gift idea for make-up addicts, Face Halo, £18, quickly and easily removes beauty products, including mascara, using water only. The pads are non-toxic and reusable, and can replace up to 500 single-use wipes!

Eco-friendly gift idea Make-up pads

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Emma’s Soap Organic Cocoa Butter Gift Set – Ethical Superstore

We love this classic eco-friendly gift idea – a set of two handmade moisturising organic cocoa butter soaps, handmade in Devon, with a sustainable olive wood soap dish. Emma’s Soap Organic Cocoa Butter Gift Set, £17.95

Emma's Soap Organic Cocoa Butter Gift Set

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Natural Seagrass Basket – Graham & Green 

The Natural Seagrass Basket, £16, has boho-chic vibes in all the right ways. This sustainable gift idea has a relaxed shape and a natural, brick and black striped design. Give the gift along with a plant for an extra special treat!

Natural Seagrass Basket Eco Friendly Gift Idea

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Ultimate Book Lover Gift Box – Etsy

Shopping for a book lover? Then this sustainable gift idea will suit them perfectly! Such a great compilation, the Ultimate Book Lover Gift Box, from £20, lets you choose a surprise book from a variety of genres, which comes with two tea-light candles, a delicious herbal tea, a bookmark, eco-friendly pen/pencil, all-natural hand cream, natural lip balm plus a Fair Trade sweet treat. Amazing!

Ultimate Book Lover Gift Box

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Recycled Wine Bottle Carafe – Graham & Graham 

Wine lovers will adore this Recycled Wine Bottle Carafe, £16.95. The green glassware is 100% recycled from old wine bottles in Zanzibar, the product of a village youth charity project. 

Recycled Wine Bottle Carafe Sustainable Gift Idea

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Organic Cotton Lunch Bag – Selfridges

We love this Organic Cotton Lunch Bag, £18. It’s made from pure organic cotton, making it hardy and sturdy enough to carry all the snacks and food needed for the day. This is an eco-friendly gift idea that looks cool, too. 

Organic Cotton Lunch Bag

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Stainless Steel Straw Set – Swell

We all know that plastic straws are terrible for the environment and wildlife, and paper straws have a tendancy to turn into mush… but these mental straws are eco-friendly and study, too! So if you’re looking for a sustainable gift idea, this reusable, and very fancy, Stainless Steel Straw Set, £12, makes a thoughtful and practical pressie.  

Stainless Steel Straw Set – Swell

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Sustainable Home – WH Smith

An eco-lifestyle bible full of practical projects, tips and advice for maintaining a more eco-friendly household. Sustainable Home, £14.40 is a perfect gift for anyone that aspires towards low-impact living. 

Sustainable Home Book from WH Smith

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Plant Puzzle Letterbox Gift – Bloom Box

A classic! This Plant Puzzle, £13.95, a great gift for anyone, young or old. The 1,000 piece puzzle is made from sustainable materials, and conveniently fits through the letterbox! 

Plant Puzzle Letterbox sustainable Gift idea

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Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Soap – Liberty

This Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Soap, £15, is formulated with an aromatic blend of organic ingredients to gently cleanse skin. The vegan-friendly formula is enriched with extracts of plants, grasses, seaweed and algae to hydrate and protect hard-working hands, and it comes in sustainable packaging, too. 

Palmarosa and Vetiver Hand Soap – Liberty

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Chocolate Lovers Gift – Green & Blacks

Trailblazers in ethically produced chocolate, Green & Blacks stand for quality and consciousness. The chocolate is pretty darn delightful too! We adore this G&B Chocolate Lovers Gift, £15, which contains a selection of milk, white and dark chocolate – delicious. 

Chocolate Lovers Gift

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String of Hearts – Etsy

House plants are a calming and pretty addition to any home, and the plant of the moment is undoubtedly the String of Hearts, £15. We love this gift set where are lush plant comes with an eco-friendly coconut fibre hanger. 

String of Hearts coconut gift

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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference: Illustrated Edition – WH Smith

A wonderful gift for activists old and young! A new expanded and illustrated edition of the history-making speeches of Greta Thunberg, the young activist who has become the voice of a generation. No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference: Illustrated Edition, £11.99.

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference: Illustrated Edition – WH Smith

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Humble Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey – Ethical Superstore

Looking for a sustainable gift idea for someone that loves pamper products? Kate Humble, TV presenter and environmentalist, has created her own range of eco-friendly and ethical body treats. The most luxurious of which is the Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey, £11.95 – created using local honey with a delicious scent of rose petals, frankincense, and hints of lavender, amber and musk.

Humble Rose & Frankincense Bath Honey

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Sustainable Gift Ideas: £30 & Under

Zaytoun Olive Oil & Tree Donation Gift Set – Ethical Superstore

Perfect for foodies and sustainability champions alike, this unique gift comprises a bottle of organic Fair Trade extra virgin olive oil, and it also pays for an olive tree to be planted in Palestine – it comes with a certificate of thanks, too. Feel good knowing that your gift will delight the receiver and benefit farming communities, too. Zaytoun Olive Oil & Tree Donation Gift Set, £25.

Zaytoun Olive Oil & Tree Donation Gift Set

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Round Beach Clean Placemats – Graham & Green 

Bright and colourful, this set of four Beach Clean Placements, £24.95, are crafted from a rainbow of recycled plastic sourced from the ocean alongside sustainably sourced cork. A beautiful, eco-friendly gift idea for tableware lovers. 

Round Beach Clean Placemats Eco Friendly Gift Idea

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Ren Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash – Liberty

Everyone deserves a touch of luxe, and there is self-care a plenty in this invigorating Ren Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash, £22. Not only does the formulation use natural ingredients, it comes in 100% recycled packaging, made entirely from reclaimed ocean plastic and recycled plastic bottles. 

Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash

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Bee’s Wrap Lunch Pack – Selfridges

Who said practical can’t be attractive? This oh so pretty Bee’s Wrap Lunch Pack, £26, will help banish pesky plastic sandwich bags and cling film. The wraps are mouldable and can be shaped around containers or snacks – a reusable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic coverings.

Bee's Wrap Lunch Pack

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Recycled Glass Bell Dome – Nkuku

Hand blown and handmade, we love this Recycled Glass Bell Dome, £26.50. This elegant sustainable gift idea is, as the name suggests, made from recycled glass with a stylish base crafted from sustainable mango wood. Perfect as a butter dish, or platter for single cheeses (yum cheese).

Recycled Glass Bell Dome

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Dos Recycled Cotton Teal Throw – Oliver Bonas

Interiors addicts will adore the Dos Recycled Cotton Teal Throw, £29.95.  It’s a sustainable gift idea that proves environmentally-conscious items can be stylish, too! Made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton, the throw is woven into a geometric diamond design and completed with tasseled edging. Beautiful!

Sustainable gift idea Dos Recycled Cotton Teal Throw

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Canopy Trio Vase Set – Amara

Such an elegant gift, we adore these recycled glass vases. Created in collaboration with the Eden Project, The LSA International Canopy Trio Vase Set, £30, takes inspiration from Eden’s biomes. Perfect for bulbs or displaying your favourite blooms.

Canopy Trio Vase Set Eco-friendly gift idea

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Sustainable Gift Ideas: £30+

Love Clothes Garment Care & Guppyfriend Gift Set – Thought

This eco-friendly gift idea is ideal for clothes addicts. The Love Clothes Garment Care & Guppyfriend Gift Set, £32.99, contains a guppy bag that protects garments while being washed, and reduces the amount of microfibres that may enter rivers and oceans. Plus, the set has a pilling comb, for brushing wooly bobbles away, and a set of lavender bags to keep garments smelling fresh.

Love Clothes Garment Care & Guppyfriend Gift Set

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Canine Bamboo Dog 7 Pack – Thought 

Shopping for a dog lover? (Doesn’t everyone love dogs?) Then look no further than these pawsome socks. The Canine Bamboo Dog 7 Pack, £34.95, are breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so feet (and the planet) stay happy and healthy. Made from viscose derived from bamboo, organic cotton and recycled polyester. 

Canine Bamboo Dog 7 Pack Sustainable gift idea

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Yoga Block – Not On The High Street

Shopping for a yoga lover? Then this is the perfect sustainable gift idea. This colourful Yoga Block, £33, is handcrafted from flip-flops that have been collected from oceans and beaches. Made by Ocean Sole Africa, a Kenyan social enterprise, each block recycles 21 flip-flops and provides essential employment in Kenya. What’s more, 10% of Ocean Sole Africa’s revenue goes towards marine conservation programmes.

Eco Friendly Gift Idea Yoga Block

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Green Living Gift Pack – Not On The High Street

The Green Living Gift Pack, £34.95, provides the basics to get you going on a reduced-plastic life! It comprises ‘Live Green’, a beautifully illustrated book that’s crammed with top tips for a greener lifestyle, as well as a cotton mesh market bag, a bamboo toothbrush (cut off the bristles and the rest is compostable), and a 500ml amber glass spray bottle for mixing your own cleaning fluids.

Green Living Gift Pack

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Personalised Bamboo Lunch Box – Not On The High Street

If you’ve got a friend who needs to start taking their own lunch into work, make it easier for them with this Personalised Bamboo Lunch Box, £32.  This sustainable gift idea is made of solid bamboo and recycled bamboo fibre and is BPA free, too. Ready…. Let’s munch!

Bamboo lunch box personalised

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Sustain Me Gift Box – Typo

There’s nothing we don’t love about the Sustain Me Gift Box, £40. This is an eco-friendly gift idea with purpose. A water bottle, a traveller bottle for coffee, stainless steel straws and a choice of lids for the bottles. It’s brilliant!

Sustain Me Gift Box from Typo

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Tide, Time & Moon Clock – Graham & Green 

Handmade from recycled milk bottles, the Tide, Time & Moon Clock, £65, has the look and feel of slate with contrasting white detailing. Even better, this eco-friendly gift idea is crafted in England. 

Tide, Time & Moon Clock – Graham & Green 

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On The Go Coffee Gift Set – Pact

Pact Coffee is an ethically conscious brand through and through, ensuring farmers get paid at least 20% more than base Fair Trade standard. Its coffee is pretty darn fine too! We love this On The Go Coffee Gift Set, £49.95, which features an Aeropress (a one-cup brewing tool), reusable glass cup with a thermal silicone sleeve and delicious Planalto coffee. Pact offers subscriptions and gift vouchers, too. 

On The Go Coffee Gift Set

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Sandqvist Douglas Bag – Selfridges

The Sandqvist Douglas Bag, £75, is robust and functional, and is also a really attractive sustainable gift idea! This recycled-polyester canvas bag has plenty of compartments and pockets to make organisation a breeze!

Sandqvist Douglas Bag

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Chess & Draughts Set – Amara

Crafted from sustainable mango wood, this Chess & Draughts Set, £95, will spans generations and makes a wonderful eco-friendly gift idea for anyone, young or old. It’s a classic. 

Chess & Draughts Gift Set

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Pair of Purbeck Serving Plates – Garden Trading

Serveware gets sustainable with this chic Pair of  Purbeck Serving Plates, £35. The platters are made from eco-friendly bamboo with contrasting bases in Ink and Flint. Gorgeous!

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