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Small Garden Gift Ideas: 19 Gifts for Tiny Gardens

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indoor/outdoor stool for small gardens
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Are you looking for small garden gift ideas? With everyone committed to spending so much more time in their gardens (thanks, lockdown and outdoor-only meet ups), gardens are more important to us than ever before.

If you need to find the perfect gift for a loved one with a small garden, we’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire you here.

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19 Gifts for Small Gardens

Citronella Candle in Terracotta Pot – Dunelm

This small citronella candle in a terracotta plant pot, £3, will help a small garden feel even more like a tiny oasis as the scent will help to keep pesky bugs away as everyone enjoys the space.

citronella candle small garden gift ideas

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Cast Iron Mouse Sculpture – National Trust

We love this charming little cast iron mouse sculpture, £5. It’s the perfect gift for adding character to a small garden without taking up too much space!

Cast iron mouse sculpture

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Piccolo Seed Collection – Anthropologie

If they only have a small outdoor space, they’re likely to be choosy about what goes into it! The Piccolo seed collection, £10, contains seeds for beautiful edible flowers that will dress up the garden as well as they will a salad!

garden seed collection

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Bottle Top Herb Planters – Oliver Bonas

We love this idea! These bottle top herb planters, £10, will help anyone grow herbs in a small space, and also give new life to old bottles.

bottle top herb planters

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Colourful Hanging Balcony Pots – Not on the High Street

These colourful hanging balcony pots, £14, are the perfect gift idea for someone with a small garden or a balcony! They are wall mounted, so they won’t take up much space at all, but will still allow a riot of greenery to bloom in a small space. We love them!

colourful hanging balcony pots for a small garden

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Wooden Butterfly House – Oliver Bonas

This little wooden butterfly house, £15, is an ideal way to encourage more beautiful butterflies into a garden without taking up masses of space, as it can easily hang from a fence.

little wooden butterfly house

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Nymans Foliage Gardening Gloves – National Trust

If your friend or loved one with a small garden loves to actually get out there and do gardening, these beautiful floral print gardening gloves, £16, will be the perfect gift for them.

gardening gloves

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Window Bird Feeder – Graham & Green

This awesome window bird feeder, £17.95, is transparent and fixes on to a glass pane so you can easily get a close up view of the birds – ideal if you’re buying for someone with a balcony or not much room for trees.

window bird feeder for a balcony

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Lily of the Valley – Not on the High Street

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone with a small garden who isn’t that into gardening, how about this beautiful lily of the valley garden ornament, £20. It’s made from recycled metals making it a lovely eco-friendly gift choice, and will add a pop of colour to a small space.

lily of the valley garden ornament

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Personalised Hanging Heart Bird Dish – Not on the High Street

Looking for things that can be hung or wall-mounted is key when considering small garden gift ideas, as they take up less space. This hanging heart bird dish, £28, is the ideal gift for someone who loves seeing birds in their garden. It can be personalised too, making it extra special.

hanging heart bird dish

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Speckled Terrazzo Pot – Selfridges

Terrazzo is a huge trend right now, indoors and out, and it shows no sign of going away! This beautiful speckled terrazzo pot, £30, is small enough that it wouldn’t take up much space in a small garden, but bold enough that it can’t be missed!

speckled terrazzo plant pot

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Copper Starburst Lights – Graham & Green

These LED copper starburst lights, £39.95, are an essential gift for anyone with a small garden space – they’ll add a beautiful warmth to a tiny patio or balcony.

copper outdoor starburst lights

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Rectangle Outdoor Mirror – National Trust

Outdoor mirrors make for excellent small garden gift ideas! This beautifully rustic rectangle outdoor mirror, £40, will add to the décor in the garden and will also help to make the small space appear much bigger.

Outdoor garden mirror

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Concrete Plant Pot – Selfridges

The narrow shape of this chic concrete plant pot, £50, means it won’t take up too much space, making it a winner when it comes to small garden gift ideas. It will look striking when filled with beautiful greenery.

narrow concrete planter

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Personalised Raised Box Planter – Not on the High Street

This personalised raised box planter, £70, is the perfect gift idea for someone with a small garden, as it allows them to plant some blooms but to also utilise the space underneath for storage! We also love the cute personalisation.

Raised box planter

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Indoor/Outdoor Stool – Anthropologie

The Vallarta indoor/outdoor stool, £138, is a gorgeous gift idea for those with a small garden as it allows for seating options without taking up too much space, can be brought indoors easily when more space is needed and is simply stunning to look at! You can also choose from three gorgeous colours.

indoor/outdoor stool for small gardens

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Small Circular Log Store – Not on the High Street

If you’re looking for a practical small garden gift idea and you’re not afraid to splash out, this circular log store, £225, is ideal! It will allow your loved one to safely store logs without taking up masses of space in their garden.

circular log store

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Monkey Resin Outdoor Lamp – Selfridges

Okay, so this resin outdoor monkey lamp is a bit of a splurge at £270, but if you’re looking for luxurious small garden gift ideas, this is definitely it. It will add so much character to a small garden space and will bring joy to whoever sees it.

outdoor resin monkey lamp

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Concrete Bench Planter – Graham & Green

If you have a small garden, you’re going to want gifts that are practical as well as pretty. This concrete bench planter, £595, is ideal as it gives you a place to sit as well as a place to plant some flowers!

Concrete bench plate

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