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30 Plant Gift Ideas for Everyone: Real Vs Faux

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Set of Three Cacti In Concrete Pots
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House plants are a classic gift – they brighten up a room, spark joy and deliver a sense of calm. What’s more, the botanical interiors trend is strong right now, so it’s no surprise that plant gift ideas are even more popular than ever. 

But, let’s be honest, there are two schools of gift recipient; those that would tend to and nurture a plant, and those that would… well… kill it in a matter of days. Take a look at our list of 30 great plant gift ideas and decide what would suit the recipient best, a lush living plant or a chic faux version. 

15 Of The Best Real Plant Gift Ideas

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai – Bloombox Club

This dreamy Ficus Ginseng, £17, will bring zen to the recipient’s life! It’s pretty robust, so is the perfect Bonsai for beginners – hardy and beautiful to look at.

Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Plant Gift Ideas

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The Rubber Plant – Bloom & Wild

Anyone else old enough to know the lyrics: ‘Oops there goes another rubber tree plant’? If so, you’ll have High Hopes for this plant gift idea. The Rubber Plant, £36, comes in a gorgeous mustard-colour ceramic pot.

Rubber Plant from Bloom & Wild

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Red Champion Flamingo Flower – Crocus

This vibrant plant really is a wonder of nature. The Red Champion Flamingo Flower, £27.99, has lush-looking foliage and amazing waxy-looking, red heart-shaped flowers, each with a yellow ‘tail’.

Red Champion Flowering Plant

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Chinese Money Plant – Bloombox Club

The Chinese Money Plant, £17 (£31 with pot), is famous for its lure of bringing good fortune, money and abundance to its owner. The leaves stack on top of each other and give the appearance of large green coins, hence the name.

Chinese Money Plant Bloombox Club Plant Gift Ideas

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Avocado Plant – Dobies

Looking for plant gift ideas for the avocado lover in your life? Then this is the ideal pressie. This evergreen has gorgeous glossy leaves – it thrives in sunny spots so would be ideal for a conservatory. Avocado Plant, £19.99.

Avocado plant gift ideas

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Set of Three Cacti In Concrete Pots – Etsy

Small, spiky and adorable, we love this Set of Three Cacti In Concrete Pots, £18. Perfect for a desk space or even in the bathroom, these sturdy plants are easy to care for. The pots are handmade from concrete in small batches, and are available in a range of colours, too.

Set of Three Cacti In Concrete Pots

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The Monstera – Bloom & Wild

This beauty can grow up to 8ft with the right care and attention, so give this gift to someone with plenty of space in a sunny room! Monsteras are famous for their natural leaf-holes, which gives it the nickname, Swiss Cheese Plant. This Monstera, £40, comes with a pretty teal pot. 

Swiss Cheese Plant The Monstera

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Lemon ‘Garey’s Eureka’ – Crocus

This is one of our absolute favourites: a little lemon tree with glossy leaves that produces bright golden fruit. This variety keeps on producing flowers from spring to autumn, so it is possible to have flowers, small un-ripened fruit as well as ready-to-pick lemons at the same time! Lemon ‘Garey’s Eureka’, £59.99.

Lemon Tree Patio and Conservatory Plant Gift Ideas

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Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig – RHS Plants

The Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig, £89.99, has masses of glossy green leaves and will add character to any room. Part of the ornamental fig family, it has been adorning homes since the Victorian times! Great fact for history lovers! 

Ficus Benjamina Weeping Fig

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String of Beads – RHS Plants

This String of Beads, £27.99, comes with its own pot and fits in perfectly with the interiors trend for hanging plants. It’s easy to grow and the rounded, fleshy, bead-like leaves create a really pretty waterfall effect. Looking for other gift ideas for the home? Check out these 23 Gorgeous Treats for the Home.

String of Beads with Pot

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Grow Your Own Berry Jam – Not On The High Street

Complete with a wooden spoon, the Grow Your Own Berry Jam Gift, £52, is the perfect pressie for a cookery enthusiast. It contains everything they need to grow their very own jam garden: a loganberry bush, blackberry bush, jam jar labels, an engraved wooden spoon and a recipe for the tastiest berry jam!

Grow Your Own Berry Jam Plant Gift Ideas

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Chinese Jasmine – RHS Plants

This twining climber has heavenly-scented white flowers, which appear en masse in late winter and spring. If you’re looking for plant gift ideas, this Chinese Jasmine, £19.99, is a really pretty option. Top tips for care: don’t overheat it and don’t let the soil dry out!

Chinese Jasmine Flowering indoor plant gift ideas

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Asparagus Fern & Pot – RHS Plants

Looking for delicate and pretty plant gift ideas? Then you’ll adore this Asparagus Fern, £20.98. It comes in a Mediterranean-inspired blue ceramic pot with an embossed geometric pattern. It’s a real botanical beauty!

Asparagus Fern & Pot
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The Succulent Glass Terrarium – Etsy

If you’re looking for plant gift ideas for someone who also loves craft, then this is perfect. The Succulent Glass Terrarium Kit, from £15, contains everything they need to make a cute littler globe terrarium, including a glass terrarium globe, succulent plants, specially mixed soil and a choice of black, natural desert or amethyst gravel. 

The Succulent Glass Terrarium

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Spider Plant – Etsy

This is one type of spider that definitely won’t give you the creeps! Spider plants are considered among the easiest air-purifying plants to grow. Even better, they are effective in removing harmful chemicals from the air – a purifying gift indeed! Spider Plant, £12.99. 

Spiky Spider Plant Gift Ideas

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15 Of The Best Faux Plant Gift Ideas

Faux Succulents Bowl – Graham & Green  

Displayed in a rustic grey concrete dome, this life-like selection are so realistic that you won’t be able to tell the difference. The Faux Succulents Bowl, £26.95 is perfect gift for adding a touch of greenery.

Faux Succulents in a bowl

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Anthurium Plant in Pot – Wayfair

This beautiful flowering plant is made from silk with an amazing attention to detail. A pretty gift that will bloom all year long, the Anthurium Plant, £46.99, comes in a chic metal pot for an elegant finish.

Anthurium Plant Gift Ideas

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Stemmed Succulent Artificial Plant – Oliver Bonas

An adorable small gift, this Stemmed Succulent Artificial Plant, £29.50, is potted in a light brown clay pot, with a distressed finish and faux soil. All the aesthetic benefits fo a real succulent, with none of the hassle!

Stemmed Succulent Artificial Plant

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Artificial Trailing Asparagus Fern In Pot – Marks & Spencer

There’s no watering required with this chic Artificial Trailing Asparagus Fern In Pot, £19.50. We love the lush trailing style, and it comes in a great medium grey pot – the perfect elegant accompaniment.

Artificial Trailing Asparagus

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Cactus Artificial Plant – Oliver Bonas

We love this realistic spiky treasure! Potted in a black pot, this Cactus Artificial Plant, £39.50, comes with faux pebble bedding for an ultra realistic finish. 

Cactus Artificial Plant Gift Ideas

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Parlane Hanging Pearl Spray Pot – Amara

Looking for faux plant gift ideas for a stylish pal? They’ll love this Hanging Pearl Spray Pot, £30. It has super realistic lush green stems and is effortless to care for – perfect!

Hanging Pearl Faux Plant Gift Ideas

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Artificial Cheese Plant – Marks & Spencer

This realistic Artificial Cheese Plant, £39.50, is the perfect piece for adding a botanical interiors touch! It comes in a contemporary glazed pot and would make a brilliant housewarming gift.

Artificial Cheese Plant Gift Ideas

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Faux Potted Bamboo Tree – Amara

This Faux Potted Bamboo Tree, £45, will have everyone fooled! A luxe faux plant gift idea, this bamboo is delightfully realistic – a wonderful statement gift idea to add character to any home. 

Faux Potted Bamboo Tree

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Spring Everlasting Fern Plants With Industrial Hooks – Not On The High Street

This set of cool hanging Everlasting Fern Plants, £54.99, with industrial iron hooks, make the perfect gift for your not so green fingered friend. Would look great hung in a living room or conservatory for a botanical artistic statement.

Spring Everlasting Fern

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Deko Bonsai Ficus Plant – Amara

The Deko Bonsai Ficus Plant, £20, is the perfect present to brighten up a friend’s desk space. There is such great detail in this plant – there is even faux soil and pebbles at the base.

Artificial Pilea with Pot Plant Gift Ideas

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Artificial Pilea Plant in Pot – Wayfair

We’ve already discussed the benefits of the Chinese Money Plant, but this version has an added bonus… you can’t kill it! Artificial Pilea Plant in Pot, £35.99

Faux Plant Gift Ideas Money Plant

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Thyme Plant in Round Planter – Wayfair

Perfect for the kitchen window, this Thyme Plant in Round Planter, £28.98 is utterly charming. It comes with a terracotta pot for added rustic appeal. 

Thyme Plant in Round Planter – Wayfair

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Artificial Large Orchid Plant – Marks & Spencer

Orchid’s are notoriously hard to keep alive and healthy…. not this one! The Artificial Large Orchid Plant, £39.50, features intricate detailing on the flowers as well as tendrils and moss for added effect – all presented in a neutral-coloured pot. Gorgeous.

Artificial Large Orchid Plant Gift Ideas

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Artificial Bonsai Tree – Dunelm

Bonsai trees bring a wonderful sense of calm, and make a really thoughtful gift. Even better, this delicate Artificial Bonsai Tree, £15, is a great price and maintenance free, too!

Artificial Bonsai Tree faux Plant Gift Idea

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Artificial Lavender in Jute Sack – Dunelm

So pretty and full of Provencial vibes, we love this Artificial Lavender in Jute Sack, £12. These blooms will last all year round and look great in a shabby chic setting.

Artificial Lavender in Jute Sack Plant Gift Ideas

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