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Plastic-Free Gifts for Kids: The Best Eco-Friendly Toys & Games

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Plastic free gifts for kids
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It’s so important to consider the environment and make eco-friendly choices where possible, but one area where this can seem tricky is choosing plastic-free gifts for children – it can feel challenging to find eco-friendly gifts for little ones.

But don’t worry – there are lots of options when it comes to plastic-free presents for children. We have rounded up some of the best wooden, paper and recycled gift ideas for little ones here.

If you want more inspiration, check out our guide to creative gifts for children.

31 Plastic-Free Gifts for Children

Soft Vegetables – Ikea

Gone are the days of plastic fruit and veg toys littering a plastic kitchen – this 14-piece soft vegetable kit from Ikea, £7, comes in a soft little basket, will encourage imaginative role-play (and dare we hope, a love of veg?) and, according to Ikea, is recyclable too!

plastic-free gifts for children toy vegetables

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Milk Bottle Rattle – Smallable

This super cute little milk bottle rattle from Smallable, £23, is made from organic cotton, making it the perfect eco friendly baby shower gift.

organic cotton eco friendly baby gift

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Personalised Big Jigs Garage – My 1st Years

If you know a little car fiend, then they’ll love this wooden personalised toy garage from My 1st Years, £45. It’s so colourful, and they’ll love the fact it has their name on it.

Wooden toy garage

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Recycled Plastic Tugboat – Ethical Superstore

We know what you’re thinking – ‘that looks like plastic!’ And you’d be right, it is. But hear us out! It’s recycled plastic. This colourful tugboat bath toy from Ethical Superstore, £11.95, is made entirely from recycled milk containers, making it an extra cool eco-friendly children’s gift.

Recycled plastic toy boat

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Wooden Espresso Machine – Bright Minds

If the little one in question loves mimicking mum or dad, this wooden espresso machine from Bright Minds, £29.99, is an ideal plastic-free gift. It’s made from sustainable rubberwood, and for each tree used, another is planted!

Wooden espresso machine toy

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Design Your Own Shield – English Heritage

If you are looking for a plastic-free gift for a child, and you want it to bolster creativity, imaginative play and help them to learn about history, then you need to buy this Design Your Own Wooden Shield from English Heritage, £12.

Design your own shield plastic-free gift for kids

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Personalised Unicorn & Rainbow Bracelet Making Kit – Not on the High Street

Want to buy an eco-friendly jewellery making kit that is plastic-free? Any jewellery-mad child will love this personalised bracelet making kit from Not on the High Street, £17.95, which contains all wooden beads.

wooden bead jewellery kit

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Origami Paper Kit – Ikea

For those looking for a plastic-free gift for a child that is also budget friendly, how about this cool little origami paper kit from Ikea, £4? It will encourage fine motor skills and creativity.

Origami paper kit

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My First Toy Car – Smallable

If you’re looking for a special plastic-free gift for a big event, what about the incredible My First Toy Car from Smallable, £231? It’s made entirely of wood, and allows your child to pretend to be a mechanic too.

eco-friendly wooden toy car gift idea

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Personalised Safari Kit – My 1st Years

This super cool personalised safari kit from My 1st Years, £35, is a great eco-friendly gift option for the kid that loves to explore outdoors. It even comes with a real compass!

plastic free child's gift safari kit

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Adopt a Penguin Kit

An older child will love adopting their very own penguin! This Adopt a Penguin from Ethical Superstore, £19.99, will help them learn about the creatures and includes penguin information and a postcard.

Adopt a penguin gift pack

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Wooden Rocket Construction Kit – Bright Minds

Kids of all ages will have a blast playing with this wooden rocket construction kit from Bright Minds, £19.99. The rockets can be assembled and reassembled to get little hands and minds working hard.

Wooden rocket construction kit

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Pizza Biscuit Baking Kit – Not on the High Street

A baking kit is a great option if you’re looking for plastic-free gifts for kids – there’s no wasteful plastic involved, and you get to eat the end result! Win-win. We love this personalised pizza biscuit baking kit from Not on the High Street, £22.95, and they will too.

personalised pizza biscuit baking kit

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Six-Piece Cinnamon Roll Toy – Ikea

If actual baking seems a bit too much of a challenge, what about imaginary baking with this six-piece cinnamon roll soft toy kit from Ikea, £5?

Cinnamon roll soft toy kit

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Cotton Teepee – Smallable

Little children will love having a place to hide, whilst older ones will appreciate their own space to turn into a cosy reading or gaming nook, making this cotton tepee from Smallable, £146, a winner for all ages.

Eco friendly children's gift cotton teepee

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Forest School Adventure Book – Ethical Superstore

This cool Forest School Adventure Book from Ethical Superstore, £16.99, will get kids outdoors and teach them new skills – like how to build a shelter and cook on a fire.

Forest School Adventure book plastic free gift for children

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Make Your Own Dream Catcher – Not on the High Street

This lovely little kit will have any child transfixed. The Make Your Own Dream Catcher from Not on the High Street, £14.95, contains watercolour pencils and eco-friendly glitter glue for decorating.

Make your own dream catcher

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Cardboard Building Bricks – Ikea

These huge cardboard building bricks from Ikea, £21, will result in hours of fun! The ‘LUSTIGT’ are made from unbleached, environmentally friendly cardboard.

Cardboard building blocks plastic free children's gift

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42 Piece Fuzzy Rainforest Puzzle – Smallable

This tactile jungle puzzle from Smallable, £17, will keep small hands busy. It’s made from 90% recycled paper, making it an eco-friendly gift choice.

Tactile recycled puzzle for children

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Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different – Ethical Superstore

Give the gift of inspiration (in a plastic-free format!) with this Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different book from Ethical Superstore, £20. It’s all about amazing men and women who broke the mould and changed the world.

Stories for kids who dare to be different

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Cardboard Eco Rocket – Not on the High Street

This cardboard eco rocket from Not on the High Street, £39.99, is made from recycled cardboard. It’s great for children who love to play pretend, and they can decorate it to suit their style too!

Cardboard eco rocket gift

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Wooden Lacing Beads – Ikea

These wooden lacing beads from Ikea, £9, will have children getting creative. They are made from untreated wood, so they can be painted and turned into jewellery and keychains.

Wooden lacing beads kit

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DIY Flower Crown – Smallable

This DIY flower crown from Smallable, £12, is made from recycled paper and will encourage little ones to get crafty, making up to six flower crowns to wear in their hair.

DIY recycled paper flower crowns

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Play Dough Making Kit – Not on the High Street

You can now make play dough at home from all natural ingredients, thanks to this Play Dough Making Kit from Not on the High Street, £23.95, which comes with extras such as little pinecones for adding texture.

Make your own play dough kit

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Wooden Dinosaur Kit – Ikea

This, ahem, roar-some wooden dinosaur kit from Ikea, £15, contains 12 pieces, including six fierce wooden dinosaurs, all made from the waste materials leftover after the Ikea toy kitchens are made!

Wooden dinosaur kit plastic free gift for kids

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Women in Sport – Ethical Superstore

There are plenty of books about men in sport, so we were thrilled to discover the Women in Sport book from Ethical Superstore, £12.99. It’s the perfect plastic-free gift for a sporty girl to show her what she’s capable of.

Women in sport book

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Connect 4 – Smallable

We remember the Connect 4 of days gone by – although it got us through many long car journeys, it was very plastic. However, this wooden Connect 4 from Smallable, £17, is the perfect plastic-free alternative.

eco friendly wooden connect 4 gift

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Gratitude Journal – Not on the High Street

Help foster a positive attitude from a young age with this ‘The Happy Self’ gratitude journal for children, £23. It contains lots of positive, creative ideas to get them thinking.

Gratitude journal for kids

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Hey Flavours! Cookbook – Ikea

The Hey Flavours! Cookbook from Ikea, £5, turns cooking into a world of wonder for children. Buy this as a plastic-free gift and help launch a new lifelong passion.

Hey flavours kids cook book

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Be Kind to Our Planet – Not on the High Street

Eco warrior families will love this adorable ‘Be Kind to Our Planet’ sweatshirt from Not on the High Street, £33. It’ll keep little ones cosy whilst spreading the important message.

Be kind to our planet sweatshirt for kids

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Mini Kitchen – Smallable

Buying a toy kitchen is a wonderful plastic-free gift idea for a child, but it can take up a lot of room! Which is why we love this mini kitchen from Smallable, £58. It has all the essentials without taking up all the room.

Mini kitchen for children

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