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11 Baby Heartbeat Gift Ideas From Small Businesses

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watercolour baby heartbeat wall hanging
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Are you looking for unique gift ideas to celebrate a newborn baby? Baby heartbeat gift ideas are the perfect personal pick – and there are so many creative options. 

We’ve rounded up the best baby heartbeat gift ideas to inspire you and help you pick something extra special that will be cherished forever.

11 Baby Heartbeat Gift Ideas They’ll Treasure Forever

Leaf Watercolour Baby Heartbeat Wall Hanging – Little Pea Studio

This leaf watercolour baby heartbeat wall hanging from Not on the High Street, £24, is simply beautiful – and ideal for a tropical or safari themed nursery.

watercolour baby heartbeat wall hanging

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Baby Heartbeat Key Chain – Mahoganut

This simple wooden key chain  from Etsy , £11.49, is the perfect baby heartbeat gift idea for a new dad – it’s handcrafted from beech wood and etched with the sound wave of baby’s heartbeat. Browse more Christmas gift ideas for dads here. 

baby heartbeat gift ideas for a new dad

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Baby Scan Photo and Heartbeat Print – Double Trouble P and D

This personalised baby heartbeat print from Etsy, £14.99, is customised with a photo of your scan too, making it even more of a touching reminder of that special time.

Baby scan and heartbeat photo

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Personalised Baby Heartbeat Decoration – Prints 279

This personalised baby heartbeat decoration from Not on the High Street, £15, includes a glitter pattern of your baby’s heartbeat, in a choice of colours. It’s ideal if you’re looking for festive ways to announce a new baby!

Baby heartbeat Christmas decoration

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Baby Heartbeat Soundwave Plaque – Home and Hart Designs Co

This freestanding wooden plaque from Etsy, £8.95, is finished with an oak veneer and can be customised with the wording of your choice. It’s one of the more unusual baby heartbeat gift ideas!

Baby heartbeat wooden plaque

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Sterling Silver Heartbeat Bracelet – Isla Design GB

This sterling silver heartbeat bracelet from Etsy, £21.50, is a beautiful gift idea for a new mum, and will become a piece of jewellery she’ll treasure forever.

Sterling silver baby heartbeat bracelet

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Personalised Baby Heartbeat Print – Newton and the Apple

This personalised baby heartbeat print from Not on the High Street, £33, can be customised completely to suit your decor. Choose the print size, background colour, colour of the sound wave and the text to be added to make it truly personal.

Personalised baby heartbeat print in frame

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Personalised Heartbeat Locket – Newton and the Apple

If you’re looking for personalised baby shower gift ideas for the mum-to-be, this heartbeat locket from Etsy, £35, will blow her away. You can customise the text on it, and the little wooden token inside will have baby’s heartbeat etched on to it!

Baby heartbeat locket

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Baby Photo with Heartbeat – Etched in Memory Prints

Customise your favourite photo of your newborn with this personalised baby heartbeat print from Etsy, £10. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your nursery.


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Baby heartbeat print with photo

Foil Sound Waves Print – Atria Decor

This foil sound waves print from Etsy, £9.99, is perfect for those who want their baby heartbeat print to have a simple and minimalistic feel. You can choose from a wide range of foil colours, too.

Foil baby heartbeat print

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Baby Heartbeat Sound Wave with QR Code – Aimee Rose Design

This is a beautiful baby heartbeat print with a difference – there’s a scannable QR code to hear the sound too! This heartbeat print from Etsy, £20, would make the perfect gift for someone who can’t stop listening to that tiny little baby heartbeat sound.

Baby heartbeat gift ideas with QR code

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Three Reasons to Buy Baby Heartbeat Gift Ideas

1. It’s a Unique Gift

This is a one-of-a-kind gifting opportunity. No one will ever forget the first time they heard their baby’s heartbeat, so a visual reminder of that special time is something they’ll treasure.

2. It’s All Your Own Work

You made a baby and all of its components, including a heart. That’s both mad and magic – so the right baby heartbeat gift idea will remind you of that incredible fact every time you see it.

3. They’re Reasonably Priced

All of the baby heartbeat gift ideas we’ve rounded up for you are really affordable – they’ll all under £35, which is hardly anything when you consider you’ll want to keep it for the rest of your life.

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