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Gifts for Coffee Lovers: 50 Finds for Caffeine Fiends

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Gifts for coffee lovers grow your own coffee kit
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Choosing gifts for coffee lovers might seem easy – surely you can just buy them a bag of their favourite blend? But if everyone thought that way, special occasions for coffee lovers would get dull, fast!

We’ve rounded up some truly inspiring gifts for coffee lovers – from practical essentials to quirky and unusual ideas. You’re bound to find the perfect coffee-themed gift here.

50 Gifts for Coffee Lovers That Will Give Them a Buzz

Cru Kafe Coffee Bags – Selfridges

If you need a little gift for a coffee lover, what about these ground-breaking Cru Kafe coffee bags from Selfridges, £5.49. We think they’d make the perfect small gift for a teacher.

Coffee bags

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Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask – The Body Shop

This Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask from the Body Shop, £6, is the perfect little coffee themed gift to perk up skin.

Nicaraguan coffee face mask

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Coffee Pencil Set – Not on the High Street

These coffee themed pencils from Not on the High Street, £7.95, would make the perfect secret Santa gift for a coffee lover!

Coffee themed pencils gifts for coffee lovers

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Chocolate Enrobed Coffee Caramels – Selfridges

This is a gift for a coffee lover that you’ll want to keep for yourself! How amazing do the chocolate enrobed coffee caramels from Selfridges, £7.99, sound?

Coffee caramels

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Independent Coffee Guide Ireland – Oliver Bonas

Treat the Irish coffee lover in your life to this Independent Coffee Guide from Oliver Bonas, £7.99. It’s the ultimate guide to good coffee in Ireland!

Independent coffee guide book

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Selfridges Selection Colombian Coffee – Selfridges

A coffee snob would be delighted to receive this Selfridges Selection Colombian Bella Vista ground coffee, £7.99, no matter what the occasion.

Selfridges Selection ground coffee

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Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee Hot Sauce – Firebox

This is the perfect gift for a coffee lover who is also partial to a bit of hot sauce! The Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee hot sauce from Firebox, £8.99, will definitely be their most unusual gift.

Coffee hot sauce gifts for coffee lovers

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Frank Body Mini Coffee Scrub – Urban Outfitters

This Frank Body mini coffee scrub from Urban Outfitters, £9, is a great gift idea for a teenage girl – it’ll leave their skin feeling rejuvenated.

Coffee body scrub

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Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans – Selfridges

Looking for a delicious gift for grandpa? What about these chocolate coated coffee beans from Selfridges, £9.99?

Chocolate coated coffee beans gift

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Coffee to Grow – Firebox

Allow your coffee lover to grow their own coffee with the Coffee to Grow from Firebox, £9.99. It comes in a biodegradable coffee cup, and is an ideal gift for a gardener too!

Gifts for coffee lovers grow your own coffee kit

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Worship Coffee Print – Urban Outfitters

For those that love a quirky bit of home décor, this funny ‘Worship Coffee’ print from Urban Outfitters, £10, is ideal!

Worship coffee art print

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Grind Decaf Coffee – Anthropologie

If you need to buy a coffee themed gift for someone who can’t have caffeine, this Grind decaf ground coffee from Anthropologie, £10, is perfect.

Decaf ground coffee

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Gold Coffee Clip/Scoop – Oliver Bonas

This is a great gift for a coffee lover as they’ll get so much use out of it! Not only does the gold steel coffee scoop from Oliver Bonas, £10, scoop out the perfect amount of coffee, it also doubles as a clip to keep the pack sealed tightly.

Gold coffee scoop and clip

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Tea & Coffee Tin Set – Urban Outfitters

Some coffee lovers love tea just as much! This tea and coffee tin set from Urban Outfitters, £10, would make a good affordable housewarming gift for a coffee lover.

Tea and coffee tin set

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Unisex Latte Ankle Socks – Anthropologie

Everyone knows that socks make a great gift, and these unisex latte socks from Anthropologie, £12, are the perfect budget-friendly pick for a coffee fan.

Latte ankle socks gift idea

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Leopard Print Mug – Urban Outfitters

This leopard print mug from Urban Outfitters, £12, is a dream gift for a leopard print lover!

Leopard print coffee mug

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Guarana & Coffee Energising Moisturiser for Men – The Body Shop

Looking for a gift for a husband that loves coffee? This guarana and coffee energising moisturiser from The Body Shop, £12, is the perfect little pick-me-up for him!

Coffee moisturiser for men

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Gisele Mug – Anthropologie

The Gisele mug from Anthropologie, £12, is the perfect gift for the coffee lover who needs a cup first thing in the morning.

Coffee mug gift for coffee lover

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Grind House Blend Coffee – Selfridges

Grind is the coffee choice of hipsters everywhere, so treat the one you know to this exclusive-to-Selfridges Grind House Blend coffee, £12.99.

Grind house blend coffee

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Lustre Latte Mug – Anthropologie

Give them an Insta-friendly give with this beautiful lustre latte mug from Anthropologie, £14. You can choose from a range of gorgeous colours, including pink and turquoise.

Lustre latte mug

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The Everything Selection Latte – Hotel Chocolat

These single serve lattes from the Everything Selection Latte at Hotel Chocolat, £14, will please a latte-lover who favours a sweet drink.

Latte selection gift pack

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Espresso Martini Chocolate Truffles – Not on the High Street

Chocolate and coffee is a winning combo, so we are obsessed with these Espresso Martini Chocolate Truffles from Not on the High Street, £14.

Espresso martini chocolate truffles

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Coffee Cups with Gold Handles – Graham & Green

Let the coffee lover you know sip their coffee in style with these gorgeous coffee cups with gold handles from Graham & Green, £14.95 each.

Coffee cups with gold handles

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Whisky Flavoured Coffee – Urban Outfitters

Give their coffee a next-level kick with this delicious whisky flavoured coffee from Urban Outfitters, £15.

Whisky flavoured coffee gift

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Mustard Cup and Saucer – Graham & Green

If you know they love a good old fashioned saucer, this sturdy mustard coloured cup and saucer set from Graham & Green, £15, is a great choice of gift for a coffee lover.

Mustard coloured cup and saucer

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Coffee Lover’s Jigsaw Puzzle – Marks & Spencer

This 500-piece coffee-themed jigsaw puzzle from Marks & Spencer, £15, is the perfect gift for coffee lovers – it’ll keep them busy long after the caffeine buzz has worn off.

Coffee themed jigsaw puzzle gift

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Central Perk Mug & Stencil Set – Urban Outfitters

If you need to buy a gift for a Friends fan who also loves a coffee, this Central Perk mug & stencil set from Urban Outfitters, £16, will make them feel like Gunther himself served up their cappuccino.

Friends themed coffee gift with stencil

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Jellycat Coffee-to-Go Soft Toy – Selfridges

We weren’t sure it was possible, but we’ve found the perfect coffee-themed baby shower gift! This Jellycat coffee-to-go soft toy from Selfridges, £16, is a funny gift for the baby of a coffee addict.

Jelly cat coffee soft toy

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Coffee Marmalade – Not on the High Street

If you know someone who loves coffee so much they’d spread it on toast if they could, make their coffee dreams come true with this coffee marmalade from Not on the High Street, £19.95.

Coffee flavoured marmalade

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Set of Two Coffee & Catch Up Mugs – Getting Personal

This is the cutest gift for a new mum. The set of two Coffee & Catch Up mugs from Getting Personal, £19.99, include a personalised coffee mug for mum and a babyccino mug for baby!

Set of two coffee mugs gift set

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Asta Barrington Coffee Tray – Amara

This quirky coffee tray from Amara, £20, will be a massive help to the coffee lover who delights in making an after-dinner espresso for all their guests.

Coffee tray

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Velvetised Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur – Hotel Chocolate

Any coffee lover will love the chance to make their own espresso martinis at home – this Velvetised Espresso Martini Cream Liqueur from Hotel Chocolat, £22, will make that a reality.

Espresso martini cream liqueuer

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Mill & Mortar Latte Spices Set – Selfridges

This is one for those that love their coffee in latte form. The Latte Spices gift set from Selfridges, £24.99, contains delicious spices to flavour their coffee.

Latte spices gift set

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Coffee of the World Gift Set – Whittard

The beautifully illustrated Coffee of the World gift set from Whittard, £25, will take a coffee lover on a tour around the globe.

Coffees of the World gift set

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Optimist Travel Mug – Anthropologie

Make coffee on the go more cheery with this Optimist travel mug from Anthropologie, £28. It’ll bring good vibes as well as a caffeine high.

Travel mug coffee themed gift

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Coffee Please Sweatshirt – Not on the High Street

If all they ever say is ‘coffee please!’ get them this Coffee Please sweatshirt from Not on the High Street, £32. It’s perfect for lazy Sunday brunching!

Coffee please sweatshirt

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Three Month Coffee Subscription for One – Buy a Gift

Give a truly personalised coffee gift to the coffee lover you know. This three month coffee subscription from Buy a Gift, £34.99, allows you to specify your preferences, including brewing method and type of coffee, so you’re guaranteed to have the perfect picks sent to you.

Three month coffee subscription gift

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But First Coffee Wall Décor – Not on the High Street

This ‘But First, Coffee’ wall décor from Not on the High Street, £35, would add a stylish touch to any caffeine fanatic’s home.

Coffee themed wall decor

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Take A Break Coffee Cup Charm – Pandora

Add to their Pandora bracelet with this ‘take a break’ coffee cup charm, £35.

Pandora coffee cup charm

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Coffee & Cocoa Bronzer Palette – Selfridges

Looking for the perfect gift for your wife? This Coffee & Cocoa bronzer palette from Beauty Bakerie, £36, will definitely be well received.

Coffee and cocoa bronzer palette

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Moka Espresso Coffee Pot – Amara

This Alesso Moka Espresso Coffee Pot from Amara, £38, will delight any coffee connoisseur, as they can make up to six cups of Italian-style espresso in one go.

Six cup espresso maker gift for coffee lover

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Chambord French Press – Selfridges

This Bodum Chambord French Press from Selfridges, £45, is an essential gift for any coffee lover who is serious about how they serve their after-dinner coffee.

French press coffee maker

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Chevron Coffee Cups and Saucers – Amara

For those that like the finer things, how about these elegant gold chevron coffee cups and saucers from Amara, £50? It’ll add a glamorous edge to their coffee and is a perfect gift for couples who have everything.

Gold chevron cups and saucers

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Minipresso – Anthropologie

The Minipresso from Anthropologie, £50, allows you to brew coffee anywhere, on the go, using Nespresso pods. All you need is hot water – no batteries or electricity required.

Minipresso gift for coffee lovers

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Patron XO Café Tequila Coffee Liqueur – Selfridges

Add to their home bar with this Patron XO Café Tequila Coffee Liqueur from Selfridges, £51.99. It’s definitely a grown-up gift for a coffee lover.

Patron coffee flavoured tequila

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Small Framed Coffee Print – Graham & Green

Fans of vintage style will love this small framed coffee print from Graham & Green, £59, which looks like a Victorian botanical drawing.

Coffee themed retro art print

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Paul Smith Coffee Cufflinks – Selfridges

Dapper coffee lovers will be thrilled with these coffee-themed cufflinks by Paul Smith from Selfridges, £100. They’re made of metal and enamel and read ‘Need Coffee’.

Coffee themed cufflinks

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Mocca Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker – Selfridges

Techies who love a coffee will adore this Bodum Mocca Siphon Vacuum coffee maker from Selfridges, £133, which makes eight cups of coffee and is powered by a gas burner. How cool does it look?!

Vacuum and gas burner coffee maker

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Djuna Coffee Pot – Amara

This is the gift of a lifetime for any coffee lover. Upgrade their serving experience with the Djuna Coffee Pot from Amara, £385. It’s part of a collaboration with the Haas Brothers and features 24k gold accents.

Djuna coffee pot gifts for coffee lovers

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