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Cocktail Gift Ideas: The Ultimate A-Z of Cocktail-Themed Gifts

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Aperol spritz cocktail gift ideas
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2020 was the year everyone discovered their new favourite watering hole: their home. So it makes sense that this year is the year that everyone will step it up a bit – we’ve come up with the best cocktail gift ideas to give to those people who are forever Instagramming their latest concoction – you can check out our edit of amazing home bar gift ideas too.

The Ultimate A-Z of Cocktail Gift Ideas

A is for Aperol Spritz Gift Kit

This Aperol Spritz Gift Kit from Not on the High Street, £32, contains everything you need to make two delicious Aperol Spritz cocktails. It’d make the perfect gift for a couple who have everything!

Aperol spritz cocktail gift ideas

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B is for The Bellini Box

Treat someone with this amazing Bellini Box from Fortnum & Mason, £33.50. It contains a 75cl bottle of crisp prosecco and a bottle of sweet white peach nectar, so they can pretend they’re at Harry’s Bar, even when they’re stuck at home.

Bellini Box from Fortnum & Mason

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C is for Coppa Cocktails Cosmopolitan Mix

Remove the hard work from their favourite cocktail with this Il Gusto Coppa Cocktails Cosmopolitan mix from Selfridges, £15. All they need is the glass!

Cosmopolitan cocktail mix gift idea

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D is for Daquiri Sweets

If you are looking for affordable cocktail gift ideas, you’ll love these Strawberry Daquiri sweets from Etsy, £6.50. They contain real rum!

Daquiri flavoured sweets

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E is for Espresso Martini

Brighten up their breakfast with this amazing Espresso Martini spread from Not on the High Street, £19.95. It contains vodka and coffee, making it the perfect toast topping for the morning after the night before… Browse more gift ideas for coffee lovers here.

Spreadable espresso martini unusual cocktail gift ideas

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F is for French 75

If they love a French 75, they’ll love this fabulous French 75 print from Not on the High Street, which includes the recipe for the drink. It’s only £10, making it one of our favourite budget-friendly (and alcohol free!) cocktail gift ideas.

French 75 cocktail recipe print

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G is for Gin & Tonic Experience

Are you looking for gift experiences for couples? If you know they love a G&T, then this tour of the Bombay Sapphire distillery, complete with a gin and tonic for two, from I Want One of Those, £45, is perfect.

Bombay Sapphire gin distillery experience with free cocktail

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H is for Highball Glasses

No home bar is ready for a cocktail sesh without some fancy highball glasses – we love this intricate, vintage style highball glass from Anthropologie, £10.

Highball glass for cocktails

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I is for Irish Coffee

There comes a time for everyone where they think ‘hmm, this coffee could do with a little whisky!’, right? Most people, anyway. Make that dream a reality for your coffee-loving pal with this Irish coffee gift set from Not on the High Street, £18.25.

Irish coffee gift set

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J is for Jagerbomb Shot Kit

Sorry, not sorry. We can’t be fancy all the time, can we? Everyone has that one friend who won’t accept the uni days are long gone, and loves a jagerbomb, so treat them to this Jagerbomb shots mixer set from Gifts Tomorrow, £11.99. It allows your drink to slowly mix, and it looks pretty cool, too.

Jagerbomb shot gift set

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K is for Kir Royale Box

Now, back to being fancy again – treat your fanciest friends to the Kir Royale box from Fortnum & Mason, £57.50. it contains a bottle of champagne and a bottle of English Cassis to mix in.

Kir royale gift set cocktail gift ideas

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L is for Long Island Iced Tea

This is the perfect cocktail gift idea if you’re looking for something to post to a friend. The Long Island Iced Tea gift set from Not on the High Street, £35, contains all the components of the famous cocktail, so they simply need to assemble it.

Long Island iced tea cocktail gift set

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M is for Mojito Mixology Kit

Be prepared to take your mojito to the next level with this Molecular Mojito Mixology Kit from Prezzybox, £24.99. It allows you to experiment with how your mojito is presented – as edible spheres maybe, or perhaps as a foam? This is one of the best cocktail gift ideas for a mojito lover who thinks they’ve experienced it all.

Mojito cocktail science kit

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N is for Negroni

This Italian classic is loved by sophisticated sippers everywhere, and is really having a moment. Treat your cocktail lover with the gift of this premium bottled Negroni cocktail from Not on the High Street, £24.99. Browse more gift ideas for gin lovers here.

Negroni cocktail gift idea

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O is for Old Fashioned

Help them to make the ultimate Old Fashioned with this Knob Creek Old Fashioned Gift Collection from The Whisky Exchange, £44.95. It contains a full-sized bottle of Knob Creek bourbon, a bottle of Angostura Bitters and a fancy tumbler. We reckon it’d make a Valentine’s Day gift for him, if he loves whisky!

Old fashioned cocktail gift set

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P is for Porn Star Martini Marmalade

This Porn Star Martini Marmalade from Firebox, £9.99, is extremely versatile. You can spread it on toast, bake with it, stir it into cocktails or simply just eat it off the spoon. No judgment. Browse more cheap gift ideas for your friends here.

pornstar martini marmalade

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Q is for Queen Mother’s Cocktail

If you need a gift idea for an ardent royalist, or a queenly quaffer of drinks, how about treating them to the Queen Mother’s cocktail of choice? Gift them this Dubonnet from Fortnum & Mason, £11.95. It can be served with lemon and soda, or mixed with gin (in true Queen Mother style) or vodka for a martini!

Dubonnet for Queen Mother's Cocktail

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R is for Recipe Book

Help them to make all kinds of cocktails at home with a cocktail recipe book. We love The Pikes Cocktail Book: Rock ‘n’ Roll Cocktails from One of the World’s Most Iconic Hotels, from WH Smith (£13.59). Ibiza lovers will be made up!

The Pikes cocktail recipe book

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S is for Sangria Gift Crate

Did you know you can combine gardening gift ideas with cocktail gift ideas? Yep, this Sangria gift crate from Not on the High Street, £40, contains everything you could need to grow your own Sangria!

Sangria gift crate cocktail gift ideas

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T is for Tom Collins

This Make Your Own Tom Collins kit from The Gift Experience, £10.50, makes creating your own delicious Tom Collins super simple. Add gin and a mixer to the blend in the bottle, leave to brew and come back to your perfect tipple.

Make your own Tom Collins kit

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U is for Ultimate Cuban Cocktail Kit

This ultimate cocktail kit from The Drinks Supermarket, £99.99, has everything they could need to make eight delicious cocktails from the comfort and safety of their own home! It includes step by step guides and access to online video tutorials too.

Ultimate cocktail gift set

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V is for Vodka Botanicals

Help them to give their vodka an extra lift with these Vodka Botanicals from Not on the High Street, £16. Mix them with neat vodka to give your vodka cocktail some extra flavour.

Vodka botanicals gift set

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W is for Whiskey Sour

If you can’t get to New York for a Manhattan Whiskey Sour, this bottle of Manhattan Whiskey Sour Cocktail from Not on the High Street, £22, is surely the next best thing.

Bottle of Whiskey Sour Cocktail

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X is for XYZ

This relatively unknown but conveniently named cocktail could become a new favourite! The XYZ cocktail is made from rum, lemon juice and Cointreau, so start them on their way with this Limited Edition Cointreau, £29.95, from Fortnum & Mason.

Cointreau limited edition bottle

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Y is for A Year of Cocktails

Looking for the king of cocktail gift ideas? How about a year’s subscription of cocktails from Not on the High Street, £348. It also comes in smaller packages too, for a more budget-friendly take on the idea.

Year's supply of cocktails

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Z is for Zubrowka Vodka Martini

Treat them to the best vodka martini of their life with this Zubrowka Bison Brand Vodka from The Whisky Exchange, £125. Bottled in the 1970s, we’re pretty sure it retains some of the decade’s heady party spirit.

Zubrowka vodka

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