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Chocolate Gift Ideas: 44 Delicious Gifts for Chocoholics

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If you’re looking for chocolate gift ideas, you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up 44 chocolate gift ideas designed to delight any chocolate lover.

Whether you want to think outside the box with a chocolate themed gift that doesn’t include actual chocolate, or you want to go as chocolatey as you can, you’ll find the perfect present for every chocolate lover you know right here…and maybe one or two treats for yourself, too…

44 Chocolate Gift Ideas for Serious Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Star Lollipop – Anthropologie

Looking for cheap gifts for your friends? What about this adorable chocolate star from Anthropologie, £2.50?

Chocolate gift ideas chocolate star lollipop

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Chocolate Game Controller – Chocolate Trading Co

Are you looking for chocolate gift ideas for a teenage boy? This chocolate game controller from Chocolate Trading Co, £4.95, is a great shout.

Chocolate game controller

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Tony’s Chocolonely Bar – Anthropologie

If you know, you know, and chocolate lovers know – a Tony’s Chocolonely bar from Anthropologie, £5, is the ultimate in chocolate treats.

Tony's Chocolonely bar

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Chocolate Bar Trio – Oliver Bonas

Containing peanut butter, salted caramel and milk chocolate flavoured bars, this chocolate bar trio from Oliver Bonas, £7.50, is one of the most delicious affordable chocolate gift ideas we’ve found.

Trio of milk chocolate bars

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Chocolate Doughnut Socks – I Want One of Those

This is a super sweet chocolate gift idea with none of the guilt – these chocolate doughnut socks from I Want One of Those, £7.99, will outlast the real thing.

Chocolate doughnut socks

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Alcohol Flavoured Hot Chocolate Shots – Oliver Bonas

We love this grown up take on hot chocolate. The alcohol flavoured hot chocolate shots from Oliver Bonas, £8.50, are ideal for your chocolate loving friend who wants a kick to her drink.

Alcohol flavoured hot chocolate

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70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate – Whittard of Chelsea

If you’re looking for chocolate gift ideas for someone who is serious about chocolate, what about this 70% Cocoa hot chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea, £9? It’s simple but strong!

70% cocoa hot chocolate

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Raspberry Ripple Hot Chocolate – Whittard of Chelsea

Pink hot chocolate? Count us in! This Raspberry Ripple hot chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea, £9, would make a great gift idea for a teenage girl.

Raspberry ripple hot chocolate

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Organic Chocolate Lover’s Gift – Green & Blacks

The Small Organic Chocolate Lover’s Gift from Green & Blacks is an affordable chocolate gift idea. At just £10 for three full-sized bars and two mini ones, it’s great value.

Small chocolate lover's gift set from Green & Blacks

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The Ultimate Chocolate Collection – Lily O’Brien’s

Let them enjoy a selection of delicious chocolates with the Ultimate Chocolate Collection from Lily O’Brien’s, £10.

Ultimate chocolate collection

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Hot Chocolate Bombes – Oliver Bonas

This pack of three hot chocolate bombes from Oliver Bonas, £10, is the perfect secret Santa gift! They come with surprise marshmallow centres too.

Hot chocolate bombes

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Toblerone Cookbook – Firebox

If you don’t want to buy them chocolate yet again, how about this Toblerone Cookbook from Firebox, £10? If you’re lucky, they’ll make some treats for you to enjoy too.

Toblerone cook book chocolate gift ideas

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Luxury Chocolate Spread – Chocolate Trading Co

This Amedei chocolate spread from Chocolate Trading Co, £10.75, is made from the finest hazelnuts and milk chocolate, making it a real treat for any chocolate lover.

Gourmet chocolate spread

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A Constellation of Stars – Anthropologie

Not only is this Constellation of Stars chocolate gift bag from Anthropologie, £11.95, delicious, it’s also utterly beautiful.

Chocolate stars

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Real Whisky Scotch Egg Truffles – Firebox

Are you looking for a gift for grandpa? These Real Whisky Scotch Egg Truffles from Firebox, £11.95, will go down a treat!

Chocolate scotch egg truffles

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Terry’s Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding – Not on the High Street

Who doesn’t love a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? This personalised Terry’s Chocolate Orange Christmas Pudding from Not on the High Street, £12.95, is an upgrade on an already pretty great thing.

Personalised terry's chocolate orange

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Letterbox Chocolate Hug – Not on the High Street

This is a dream come true for a chocolate lover – the letterbox chocolate hug from Not on the High Street, £12.95, is a warm embrace made of chocolate treats.

Chocolate hug gift

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Melt and Make Chocolate Animal Lollies – Getting Personal

Are you looking for creative gift ideas for children? They’ll love making their own lollies with this Melt and Make Chocolate Lolly kit from Getting Personal, £14.99.

Melt and make chocolate lollies chocolate gift ideas for children

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Mixologist’s Collection – Marks & Spencer

Send them on a chocolate journey with this Mixologist’s Collection chocolate box from Marks & Spencer, £15. It contains 20 cocktail flavoured chocolates for them to devour.

Cocktail flavoured chocolate box

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Chocolate Letterbox Hamper – Getting Personal

If you can’t be with the chocolate lover you know, send them this Penny Post Chocolate Letterbox Hamper from Getting Personal, £18.99. They will adore it!

Penny post chocolate gift box

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Boozy Milk Chocolate Slab Bundle – Not on the High Street

For those that love a drink as well as a chocolate treat, what about the Boozy Milk Chocolate Slab bundle from Not on the High Street, £19.50. We want to try all the flavours!

Boozy chocolate bundle

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Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur – Firebox

If they love a chocolate milkshake, blow their mind with this Chocolate Hard Milkshake Liqueur from Firebox, £19.99. They can drink it neat, have it in coffee or pour it on ice cream.

Hard chocolate milkshake

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Bottle’n’Bar Gift Set – Firebox

We are obsessed with this chocolate gift idea! The Bottle’n’Bar Gift Set from Firebox, £19.99, contains a mini bottle of alcohol, in the middle of a delicious slab of chocolate.

Bottle n bar gift set

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Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two – Hotel Chocolat

Looking for chocolate gift ideas for the couple who has everything? What about this Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two, £20? It contains milk and white chocolate and treats to dip into them.

Mini dipping adventure chocolate gift idea

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Chocolate Stacking Game – Not on the High Street

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift idea for couples? We are obsessed with this chocolate stacking game from Not on the High Street, £20.

Chocolate stacking game

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Gold Collection Chocolates – Godiva

Go for quality over quantity with the Gold Collection box of 14 chocolates from Godiva, £20. Any chocolate lover will be grateful for the gift of Godiva!

Godiva Gold chocolate gift box

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Chocolate Baking Kit – Green & Blacks

If you know a chocolate lover who adores baking their own treats, then the Chocolate Baking Kit from Green & Blacks, £22.50, is the perfect gift for them. Browse more craft gift ideas here.

Chocolate baking kit gift set

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Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur – Hotel Chocolat

Looking chocolate gift ideas that are a bit unusual? How about this Salted Caramel Vodka Liqueur from Hotel Chocolate, £25?

Salted caramel flavoured vodka

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Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper – Hotel Chocolat

As far as chocolate gift ideas go, this one is a winner! The Everything Chocolate Hamper from Hotel Chocolat, £27.50, contains a little bit of everything. We’ve got even more gift hampers to suit everyone right here.

Chocolate gift hamper from Hotel Chocolat

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Not Terry’s Chocolate Orange Liqueur – Firebox

The Not Terry’s Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur from Firebox, £29.99, is the perfect gift for a chocolate lover who is into orange flavours and gin! Find more gin themed gift ideas here.

Chocolate orange flavoured gin liqueur

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Chocolate Skull – Not on the High Street

Creepy but delicious – this chocolate skull from Not on the High Street, £30, is perfect for those who like the dark side.

Chocolate skull

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Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Set – Anthropologie

Give an indulgent chocolate gift with this salted caramel hot chocolate set from Anthropologie, £30.

Salted caramel hot chocolate gift set

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Green & Black’s Chocolate Lover’s Hamper – Green & Blacks

This fancy hamper is chock-full (excuse the pun) of delicious chocolate treats from Green & Blacks. The Chocolate Lover’s Hamper, £30, includes a selection of bars, as well as the mini tasting collection too.

Green and black's chocolate lover's hamper

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Chocolate Lover’s Gift Hamper – Not on the High Street

Chocolate lovers are spoilt for choice when it comes to gift hampers! The Chocolate Lover’s Gift Hamper from Not on the High Street, £30, contains a chocolate bar, hot chocolate, truffles and honeycomb.

Mini chocolate lover's hamper

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Charbonnel et Walker Dark Chocolate Box – Anthropologie

This dark chocolate box from Charbonnel et Walker at Anthropologie, £35, is a dream gift for a lover of dark chocolate – and how beautiful is the box?!

Charbonnel et walker dark chocolate truffle box

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Chocolate Desserts Hatbox – Lily O’Brien’s

Who could resist this lovely hatbox of chocolates from Lily O’Brien’s, £35? If you’re looking for a gift idea for your wife, this might just be it…

Hatbox of chocolates

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Coffee Break Hamper – Godiva

If they love coffee just as much as they love chocolate, they’ll love the Coffee Break Hamper from Godiva, £40. Browse even more gift ideas for coffee lovers here.

Coffee break chocolate gift hamper

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Champagne and Chocolates Gift Set – Marks & Spencer

Chocolate lovers will be thrilled with this Champagne and Chocolates gift set from Marks & Spencer, £45. The salted caramel truffles will go perfectly with the bubbly!

Champagne and chocolate truffle gift set

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Chocolate Treats Tower – Bunches

The Chocolate Treats Tower from Bunches, £47, is crammed to the brim full of sweet treats for the chocolate lover you know.

Large hamper of chocolate treats

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Gold Wrapped Ballotin – Godiva

Any serious chocolate fiend knows about the Godiva Ballotin! Spoil the chocolate lover you know with this gold wrapped Ballotin from Godiva, £47.50.

Gold wrapped ballotin from Godiva

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Chocolate & Cheese Fondue Set – Oliver Bonas

This would also make a great housewarming gift for someone who loves chocolate, as who could resist this chocolate fondue set from Oliver Bonas?

Chocolate fondue set

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Large Chocolatier’s Table – Hotel Chocolat

Serious chocolate lovers will be delighted with the Large Chocolatier’s Table from Hotel Chocolat, £105. It would make a great centrepiece at a party, too.

Chocolatier's Table chocolate gift box

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Luxury Chocolate Workshop For Two – Not on the High Street

If you’re looking for a gift experience for a couple, what about this luxury chocolate workshop for two from Not on the High Street, £105?

Chocolate workshop for two

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Majestic Hamper – Godiva

This is a gift that certainly lives up to its name! The Majestic Hamper from Godiva, £150, contains a huge assortment of luxury chocolates, making it the perfect luxury gift for chocolate lovers.

Majestic hamper from Godiva

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