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Cheap Gifts for Friends: 23 Cute Ideas Under £10

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Cheap gifts for friends Moomin Candle
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Sometimes you want to send your friends a cute gift, but you might not have the budget for something big. We’ve found some lovely cheap gifts for friends that allow you to show you care in an affordable fashion!

Whatever the occasion, read on to discover the loveliest cheap gifts for friends that look anything but budget-friendly!

23 Cheap Gifts for Friends That Look Much More Pricey

Style & Grace Botanique Floral Bath Bombs – Fragrance Direct

Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly stocking filler or you’re searching for cheap gifts for friends, this trio of floral bath bombs from Fragrance Direct, £2.99, is a total bargain.

Bath bomb trio cheap gifts for friends

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Milk Chocolate Spoon with Mini Marshmallows – Whittard of Chelsea

This would make a great secret Santa gift, as well as being a fab example of cheap gifts for friends that don’t look cheap! They’ll love the milk chocolate spoon with mini marshmallows from Whittard of Chelsea, £3.50.

Hot chocolate spoon affordable gift idea

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Grow Your Own Sunflower – Waterstones

This fab Grow Your Own Sunflower kit from Waterstones, £3.99, is a cheap but cheerful way to spread a little sunshine. It would also make an unusual gift for a teacher, too.

Grow your own sunflower kit

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Disney Frozen Olaf Sheet Mask – Truffle Shuffle

Disney fans would be thrilled to receive this Frozen themed Olaf sheet mask from Truffle Shuffle, £3.99.

Olaf Frozen themed Disney sheet mask

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Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans – Waterstones

If you need cheap gifts for friends who love Harry Potter, what about these Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans from Waterstones? At only £3.99, you’ll be tempted to pick up a pack for yourself!

Bertie Botts every flavour beans

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Christmas Tea – Whittard of Chelsea

For a friend who loves a good cup of tea, how about these Christmas teabags from Whittard of Chelsea, £4.20? It’s a cheap little gift for a friend that will bring them lots of Christmas cheer.

Christmas themed teabags cheap gifts for friends

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Style & Grace Botanique Gardening Gift Set – Fragrance Direct

Have you been looking for gardening gift ideas that are also cheap? What about this lovely Garden Glove gift set from Fragrance Direct, £4.50, that contains pretty gardening gloves and a soothing hand cream?

Gardening glove gift set

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Yoga Poses Cards – Waterstones

For the friend who is always threatening to join a yoga class, how about these Yoga Poses cards from Waterstones, £4.99?

Yoga poses cards

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Rainbow Socks – Oddballs

You can’t go wrong with the gift of socks, and these rainbow stripe socks from Oddballs, £4.99, also help raise money for charity.

Rainbow striped socks cheap gifts for friends

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Scottish Fine Soaps Football Soap in a Tin – Fragrance Direct

If you’re looking for cheap gift ideas for a male friend, how about this football soap in a tin from Fragrance Direct, £5.50? It’s perfect for a post-match scrub!

Scottish soap in a tin

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Marmite Lynx – Fragrance Direct

We can’t quite believe we’re writing this but…you can get Marmite Lynx from Fragrance Direct, for £5.99. This bargainous little gift set is perfect for your Marmite-loving pal (but perhaps for no one else in a 25m radius…).

Marmite lynx gift set

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Lucky Cat – Waterstones

Give your friend the gift of good fortune with this Lucky Cat talisman and book from Waterstones, £5.99.

Lucky cat cheap gift set

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Teapot Tea Infuser – Whittard of Chelsea

A true tea enthusiast will be delighted with this dainty little teapot themed tea infuser from Whittard of Chelsea, and at only £6, it’s the perfect thoughtful yet affordable gift for a friend.

Tea infuser

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Kawaii Cross Stitch Kit – Waterstones

Are you looking for craft gift ideas? This Kawaii Cross Stitch Kit from Waterstones, £6.99, is one of our favourite creative but cheap gifts for friends.

Kawaii cross stitch kit

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Vanilla Flavour Ground Coffee – Whittard of Chelsea

If you need cheap gifts for friends who love their coffee, what about this vanilla flavour ground coffee from Whittard of Chelsea, £7? We’ve got lots more gifts for coffee lovers here, if you need more ideas.

Vanilla flavoured coffee

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Ghost Deep Night Miniature Gift Set – Fragrance Direct

If you’re looking for a cheap gift for a fancy friend, what about the Ghost Deep Night Miniature gift set from Fragrance Direct, £7.50. It’s a total bargain and it looks like it should cost way more!

Ghost miniatures affordable gift idea

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Wax Lyrical Yummy Mummy Gift Set – Fragrance Direct

Need a cheap gift for a friend who is about to become a mum? We love this bargain Wax Lyrical Yummy Mummy gift set from Fragrance Direct, £7.95. You can also find more brilliant baby shower gift ideas here.

Yummy mummy cheap gift set

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Moomin Wintertime Candle – Truffle Shuffle

This charming winter candle is the perfect affordable gift idea for a friend. Fans of The Moomins will adore this Moomin Wintertime Candle from Truffle Shuffle, £7.99.

Cheap gifts for friends Moomin Candle

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Caudalie Duo Rose de Vigne – Look Fantastic

Give a little bit of luxury with this Caudalie Duo from Look Fantastic, which includes lip conditioner and hand and nail cream, for £8.

Caudalie Duo

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Coconut Lips, Nails & Hands Kit – The Body Shop

This cute little Coconut Lips, Nails & Hands Kit from The Body Shop, £8, contains moisturiser, lip balm and a nail file, making it a sweet little pampering pick-me-up for a friend.

Body shop lips and hands kit

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Heart Shell Socks – Lulu Guinness

Did you know you can nab your deserving friend a designer give for under £10? The heart shell socks from Lulu Guinness are just £8 for a small slice of designer luxury.

Lulu Guinness Socks

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White Chocolate & Strawberry Hot Chocolate – Whittard of Chelsea

This is the perfect gift idea for a teenage girl with a sweet tooth! She’ll love the strawberry and white chocolate flavoured hot chocolate from Whittard of Chelsea, £8.

Strawberry and white chocolate hot chocolate

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Mini Chocolate Books – Waterstones

If you’re looking for cheap gifts for friends who love books, what about these Mini Chocolate Books from Waterstones, £8.99?

Mini chocolate books affordable gift idea

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